Friday, December 12, 2008


She bangs.
I love Chrisitina's not so there bangs. This look for Kim makes her look more mature.

I wish I could go see this man/ woman, fellow Britney Spears lover for his "21st" birthday. Which I think is a lie. You have to agree he looks older than 21. Only in Vegas baby.

Throwing this out there, as the designer must have done with this pattern, but I think Kourtney Dash wins. Rihanna looks frumpy.

Onto the next
Kardashian....I going to go ahead and say this was retouched. So it's ok to look like a lion but not wear one? (Who wears lion anyway??) But you get my point.
I probably should have titled this Kardashian. ehh

W i s h l i s t
I'd kill for these. Buy them for me. Steve Madden $199.95 & these Jessica Simpson $69.99
This classic beauty will be missed.

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