Monday, March 16, 2009


Soo, I love Lady Gaga and there's no hiding that. This non-pant wearing hoe is amazing and she's only 22. I wasn't surprised when I read that she used to do drugs and was a stripper. That's wear the whole "I like to wear as less clothes as possible" came from. =) Cherry Cherry Boom Boom. Photos from her interview with Fabulous Mag.
Whatever planet your on you have to want to try these. I couldn't find a price or retailer anywhere. =( I shall hunt. The photos are by Massimo Gammacurta.


S0Ph* said...

what are these? candy?
how hot would it be to walk around eating chanel candy?
they look delicious if they are lol

garage.glamour. said...

Yeah!! its really candy. Crazyy huh?
It comes in watermelon and apple and grape.